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Clan Alalykin

The Genogeographic Project

Now we are a part of the Russian Genogeoraphic Project. It is close to the US Geographic Project, but has different objectives. Here, in Russia, the main goal is to clear if we Alalikins (several Family names wer choosed, we are one of them!) are relatives or just we have the same family name.

The Genogeographic Project is headed by Laboratory for Human population genetics of Research Centre for Medical Genetics (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research.

Males possess a Y-chromosome DNA.

There in the Laboratory the scientists will compare Y-chromosomes of several persons of namesakes and the they will say if we have a common ancestor or different ones. They ensure the privacy of participants.

If you want to take part in the Project write us by e-mail. We will send you a kit. It is free and painless. You will follow the instructions, sign the inform consent form and mail papers and the tube back to the Lab (Moscow, Russia).

8 men have taken part in the Project.

# Surname ID Date of the 1 outflow DNA Date of the 2 outflow DNA Haplogroup (STR predictor) Note
1 Alalykin SB6490 04.12.2008 10.04.2009 R1a Предок из Вятской губернии
2 Alalykin SP4698 - - - -
3 Alalykin SA4084 04.12.2008 06.05.2009 из палочек I2a (xI2a1) Предок из Пермской (или Уфимской?) губернии
4 Alalykin SS3855 08.12.2008 - I2a (xI2a1) Предок из Владимирской губернии
5 Alalykin SR0717 8.12.2008 - R1a Предок из Вятской губернии
6 Alalykin SH2187 8.12.2008 - R1a Предок из Вятской губернии
7 Alalykin SC8372 24.01.2009 18.03.2009 R1a Предок из Вятской губернии
8 Alalykin SS2409 04.12.2008 18.03.2009 R1a Предок из Вятской губернии
9 Alalykin SC3823 - - - -
10 Alalykin SO4998 - - - -
11 Alalykin SA1701 21.07.2009 - R1a Предок из Вятской губернии

Relatives sing the same color, hue o color shows family type.

Some results are here !

The Project is headed by Ekaterina Alalykina & Denis Alalykin
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