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Clan Alalykin

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We are looking for persons those grandparents Alalykins lived in Kazan,Vjatka, Vladimir, Kostroma, St-Petetsburg, Moscow (then Russain Empire, USSR and now from Russian Federation).

Olga is looking for her relatives –
her grandmother Maria (was born in v.Morozy, Kirovskaja oblast, Russia), Olga’s great grandfather Matvej Alalykin, great-great-grandfather Polikarp , great-great-great-grandfather Aksen Alalykin.

Gulnara is looking for her relatives –
her grandmother Vera, Gulnara’s great grandfather Michail Alalykin (1896-1948, Kohma, Ivanovskaja oblast, Russia; he had 9 children (some of them Vera, Zoja, Klavdia, Tatjana, Evgenij)), great-great-grandfather Dmitrij Alalikin. She wants to find any descendants.

Lubov Vladimirovna is looking for her relatives –
her grandfather Ivan (1924-1984, Kirovskaja oblast, Russia), Lubov’s great grandfather Vladimir Alalykin (was repressed in 1920s, wife Matrena Grigorievna, 9 children (some of them Ivan, Kuzma, Praskovia, Peter, Nina), great-great-grandfather Dmitrij Alalykin. She wants to contact with her grandfather’s sisters and brothers.

Tatiana is looking for her relatives:
for her grandmother's brother Alexander Timofeevich Alalykin and his children. Alexander was born in Kansk in 1908. His sister name was Elisaveta, she was born in 1906.

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